cookies On 12-12-12 I locked my keys in the car. I realized it as I walked into the gym and noticed I didn’t have my membership key tag to hand to the desk. I went back to the Jeep and started to remove a back window panel from the soft top–which is only a problem in weather below 60 degrees as the fabric shrinks and I may not be able to get it back on. I’m in luck, because this is Minnesota, and it’s about a whole 25 degrees out today. The lucky part is that it’s not currently snowing and I found a dry spot to set down my gym bag.  I removed most of the panel, leaving it hanging so I won’t have to completely restart the process once I’m able to get the keys, and I climbed up on the tire and wiggled into the backseat. I contorted into front seat, still with one foot hanging out the back window, and managed to reach the keys in the ignition where I’d forgotten them. Then I had to reverse the whole process. I bruised my shin, but managed to back out of the window, and then I got the window back in place again. The headlights from the car parked opposite really helped, like being lit in flood lights. This whole thing started because I’d just bought some red velvet sandwich cookies and I just had to sit in the gym parking lot gorging on them. Seriously good.