Want to know what the restaurant staffers do on their day off? Here’s a conversation that took place on Sunday, the only day of the week that Söntés is closed, via Facebook Messenger. The part of Chef will be played by Söntés’ own Chef Bryce Lamb. The part of the Server is played by yours truly.

Chef: New game. Menu changes: You have to guess the menu changes and explain them correctly to the guest.

Server: Do we get hints? Like on Iron Chef when they’re told a secret ingredient?

Chef: No, it’s a game. Kinda like Life.

Server: Life is way too fun to be a game.

Chef: No hints. You have to guess what is in the new menu item.

Server: Cinnamon.

Chef: No.

Server: Perhaps you should consider adding cinnamon.

Chef: No cinnamon. No.

Server: Cinnamon makes everything better.

Chef: No, that’s butter.

Server: A new dish with cinnamon AND butter? Yum!

Chef: No.

Server: Cinnamon and butter. You’re a genius. I can’t wait to try it.

Oh, the things our Chef must tolerate! However, as you can clearly see, he started it. What’s no secret is this Friday’s Omakase menu: TWENTY courses prepared by Chef!! (Rumor has it there are a couple spots left. Söntés.com has all the info. UPDATE: optional wine pairings have been created! Now you can enjoy the twenty courses with wine! They’re listed in italics.)omakase

Omakase Dinner, January 25 at 6 p.m.

Razor Clam & Apple Salad with Lemon Foam   pair: Miner Viognier

Lobster, Truffle & Caviar

Celery Root Gratin

Gingerbread with Blue Cheese Fondant & Beet Chip

Lardo with Pretzel & Grain Mustard

Beef or Buffalo Tar Tar with Quail Egg, Parmesan & Grilled Bread  pair: Van Duzer Pinot Noir

ABC Foie with Celery Leaf & Chardonnay Gelee

Seared Scallop, Tempura, Soy & Citrus  pair: Brogali Gavi

Roasted Marrowbone & Grilled Bread

Smoked Wagyu Beef & Kohlrabi Cream

ABC Duck with Persimmon, Clove, Cinnamon & Saffron Rice Cake  pair: Ramey Claret

Champagne Sorbet with Pomegranate, Pear, Mandarin & Walnut Sabayon

Cheese from the Cellar  pair: Cune Resado

Yuzu Curd Tart with Blackberry

Apple Granola, Whiskey Ice Cream & Buckwheat Honey

Mango Soup, Citrus Sorbet & Puffed Black Rice  pair: Sake

Chocolate with Grand Marnier & Peanut Brittle

Spiced Bitter Chocolate, Nuts & Chocolate Crumble

Oranges & Chocolate Truffle  pair: Royal Gingersnap made with Willet Potstill whiskey & chocolate orange bitters

Plus a special treat from Chef!


Annie and I are serving! See you Friday!!

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