We’re entering our final week of the Söntés ServOlympics—the contest Tessa invented so (we do her bidding) the servers will clamor to outdo each other in cleaning, polishing, and serving, all for the golden prize of an hour-long massage at a local spa. (There are other prize options, but this is the one we’re elbowing each other to get.)

We’ve been organized into teams, and Tessa allowed us to create our own team names (silly, silly, Tessa!). See for yourself:

Spoons Full of Fruit

(Angel and Kiwi)

Named for Kiwi’s first name and Angel’s last name.

Points: 84

The Paul and Jody Show

(Paul and Yours Truly)

Name is reminiscent of Looney Tunes’ silliness.

Points: 870.5

Southern Comfort

(Jose and Babs)

Name chosen because their southern birth places.

Points: 233

Satanic Mule

(Dawn and Stacey)

Named after a downtown drink.

Points: 155.5

Raging B* and Blithering Idiot

(Bekah and Darrell)

Named after two bottled beers available at Söntés.

Points: 617

All Shift All Stars

(Annie and JR)

So named because they cover lunch and dinner shifts.

Points: 287

securedownload[1] (2)(The picture is Jose, polishing glasses. Not pictured is Jose juggling fruit a minute earlier.) The team tallies are posted in the Server Station—usually nightly, but looks like we’re still working with Tuesday night’s numbers. Lazy pollsters. So, the above totals do not include the last two nights’ heroic efforts, which could change the standings quite a bit… Again, we get points for the usual magnificent serving feats, acrobatics with trays, and sprinting to clean tables the fastest. Or, by explaining ingredients and cooking techniques in our dishes, suggesting wine pairings, and by not knocking anyone over as we sprint to clean tables the fastest. Cleaning, painting, and the like also rack up points.

With one week to go, come in to cheer us on! Guests can contribute by polishing mountains of silver (okay, not really, but it’s something to strive for, right?). Guests can truly contribute by filling out comment cards located in our check presenters or by reviewing us online. Yes, you can write up your Söntés experience on Yelp.com, OpenTable.com, UrbanSpoon.com, and TripAdvisor.com. Make sure to include your server’s name as Tessa checks all these places to make sure we’re well-received!

Next week the winning team will be announced!

For more serving feats, check out my book Upside Down Kingdom on Amazon: dld.bz/bYuX4