Last week in German class, we were grouped into partners to ask each other basic questions: how are you, what do you do, etc. My assigned partner, Bill, and I chatted away in a sort of German/English (Germish?) and he mentioned a writer who worked at Söntés that has now published a book. He wanted to know if I knew her.

Instead, I said, “I think that’s me.”

We were both amused by this, and he said, “She wrote the book, it’s behind-the-scenes to waiting tables–I’d love to read that! She came through town to do a book signing and I missed it, but maybe she’s speaking somewhere else, and there was an article in the paper about her…”paper

I thought about it (I really did! But I couldn’t think of anyone else he could be thinking of) and I said, “Yeah, I’m pretty sure you’re talking about me.”

At this point, we were both getting a really big kick out of this conversation. And I was able to fine tune a few of his points: I continue to work at Söntés, Upside Down Kingdom is available there and at Barnes and Noble at Apache Mall, I’ll be speaking at the Library in March…

I love that he remembers it as I “came through town” as if it’s an event. I kept thinking, “I’m so normal, he’ll never believe me.” (I didn’t tell him I came through town earlier that day and bought kitty litter.)

Now really, how often do you get to say, “I think you mean me,” to someone as they say wonderful things about you?

If this ever happens again, I hope I’m just as fascinated. It would be a real shame on my part if this ever got old.

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