I’ve been assigned an editor for one of my writing projects. My first thought: “Wow! They think I’m important enough to have an editor!” My second thought: “Hey! They think I stink and I need an editor!” My third thought: “Ugh, I have an editor.”

fistFourth came this: “This editor deal is not good for the wild at heart. I’ll have to fight for every word, every format, justify every stroke that’s out of line–if I can even get out of line. There will be no more boundary-pushing on the editor’s watch. Quench the fiery spirit and cut the engines, boys! We’re not leaping to the moon anymore, now we’ll hop up and down with a blank smile on our faces and blandly go where everyone has gone before.”

Fifth: “I’ve gone off my rocker.”

Sixth: “They’ve backed me into a corner.”

And finally, I looked up, got up, and smiled. Friends, if we’re going to turn this corner and launch into an adventure, we’ll need to start by saying something like:

“This editor thing should be a cinch. What could possibly go wrong?”

That ought to do it.


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