If I can’t spell a word, I won’t say it.

I get angry when reading bad grammar on signage. I won’t patron those establishments or buy those products out of prsecuredownload[1]inciple.

I’m terrible at coming up with the “right” answer between A, B, C, and D, because I can come up with a scenario in which each of the answers is possible.

I’m usually reading 3-4 books simultaneously.

I turn music off when the lyrics are written poorly.

I stare at people when they talk in order to visualize the nuances of their sentence structure–so I can write better dialogue. (I’m listening; just keep talking.)

I scramble and unscramble words in my head. Then I pick a different language and try it again.

I prefer five-letter words to six-letter. (And I want “five-letter” to be “five-lettered,” for good adjective purposes.)

I read books on grammar for amusement, and highlight my favorite rules.

I look at everything in life (good, bad, funny, frustrating, painful) and ask, “How do I write this?”


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