I have an entire file folder full of dreams.

These are dreams I dreamed—not goals or projects. There have been times in my life when I haven’t dreamed much at all, and other times when I dream like crazy. In the crazy times, I write them down, and make sure to write what I remember as accurately as I can.

Here’s a snippet of one, when I dreamed about magic:

The other night I had a dream that magic existed.  I happened to meet the people who were on the inside, and had firsthand knowledge of magic. These insiders were wizards, and they wanted me to join them.  As we were talking about magic, objects started floating around in the room, and I was amazed. photo

The others with me–a little boy and a girl–weren’t fazed.  I asked them if these things were real, and they assured me they were.  I asked how they came to know of this, because this stuff just doesn’t happen every day to me. They walked up to a large, dark blue curtain in the room.  They pulled the curtain aside and revealed a whole world beyond us with things floating and flying, and magic transforming things into something else, and even wands spouting glitter trails.  Beyond the curtain, we were looking at faces, men and women of all ages, who were among this group of magic-doers.  My companions were among this group as well, and told me that I could be awarded a space among them, and taught the thinking that could open my mind for my own magic.


Whether it’s getting a job promotion (or not–more on that later), or finally meeting up with an old friend after many years, or finding your lost car keys, magic might just be all around us. So, embrace the great moments for what they are.

Sometimes magic isn’t actually seeing shiny, sparkly trails flying from here to there. But sometimes… You know that it is.

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