As my Packer friends bundle up and head toward what could be the Next Ice Bowl, we here in Steeler Nation are packing up our black and gold holiday items and hunkering down for the offseason.

photoAnd though, in the end there, most things went right to get us a playoff spot as a wildcard, alas, when you need the Pythagorean Theorem to get you to the post-season, you are clearly not in control of your own fate. That aside, this has become what I like to call a Gear Year. It’s in these rare seasons that we don’t make the playoffs that Steeler fans are able to pick up our Steeler gear at deep discounts. Jackets, sweatpants, mugs, calendars, night lights, shower curtains, hats, Terrible Towels, and even this holiday wreath that I picked up between Super Bowls—everything is super marked down to affordable levels.

But, never fear. As we gather our gear we’ll be studying tactics and gearing up for another season of armchair quarterbacking. The Black and Gold lives on. See you all next season—when I’m sure we won’t be so lenient.


Jody Brown writes for the sheer fun of it.