photoIt’s mighty cold out there. The buzz in Rochester, Minnesota, is that we’re 3 degrees off of the current Alaska temps right now. Why do we live here? Well, I thought up some ways the extreme cold awakens our sense of wonder, kinship, and helps us live each day to the fullest:

  • We can toss boiling water into the air and watch it crystalize, as I tried for the first time last night. I was told it takes a standing temp of -15 to make it work. No worries there. I splashed the water out of the cup and it made a great “Ffffttt!” sound and was carried away on the bitter wind like a cloud. Breath-taking.
  • We can’t have an awkward silence with anyone we don’t know well. We all talk about the weather. We can always talk about the weather. Great friendships and bowling leagues get started with perfect strangers because of the weather.
  • My personal favorite: Trying to maintain body heat is calorie-burning. That means we can all eat more this week–just to be safe, of course.
  • We live in the moment. We can’t worry much about tomorrow when we’re living with a high of -20 and a wind chill of -55 today. The days don’t blend one into another; each one takes focus. Keeping loved ones and pets out of the cold, layering and layering our clothes, finding hot beverages (especially spiked hot beverages as Renaissance woman Dawn Sanborn posted on FB today), keeping the house heated–these are the things we’re concerned with today. We’ll get to tomorrow later.

So live in the moment. Grab another slice of cake, sip your hot toddy, put on a third sweater, and snuggle up with loved ones. In a few days we’ll be back to 20 above zero, walking around without our coats and making the rest of the country scratch their heads at us.


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