My Dad is the busiest man I know, so when he finally sits still long enough to watch TV, usually the entire family gravitates to him. He’s a man of few words, so the more people we have around, the less he’ll say. But when it’s just the two of us, he tells me what he sees as we watch

Once, years ago when we were watching fishing (yes, fishing), he pointed out that we could hear water trickling over rocks even though the lake on the TV was flat and smooth. “See? They added that for effect,” he said.

Another time, he told me that they never show you that Illinois was closer to the equator that it is now, due to tectonic plate movement. I have no idea what we were watching.

More recently, he was switching channels and found one about the earth a zillion years ago. He waited to see if they were going to insert cartoon dinosaurs or not.

“They won’t have real ones filmed,” I pointed out.

“See, there’s one!” he said. Next channel. Then he declared, very seriously, “I prefer when they talk about the dinosaurs without trying to show them. I don’t like cartoon dinosaurs.”

To this day, he’ll declare something and just wait with a twinkle in his eye for me to join the conversation. He’s a master of quiet humor. Even in just watching TV together, I always have paper and pen ready to capture the places our minds take us.

I suppose these are the makings of a storyteller.

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