Medit. Sea 1

This time last Monday it was 30 below zero here in Minnesota, and the wind chill was deadly worse. Today, it’s 30 above–a gorgeous 60-degree difference in the standing temp. Sure, we expect snow tonight and tomorrow, but for now, everyone is enjoying the break from the cold. So much so, in fact, our thoughts naturally bring us to the beach.

In honor of the calm before the next storm, I’m posting one of my very favorite poems, a beachy one:

The Bottle Will Find Me… It Always Does

Question: What if the Chief’s daughter is ugly?
I mean, what if you get
to the beautiful island, they let you live
and surf and eat all the shrimp cocktail you can eat,
you design beautiful thatched-roof huts

With sand floors the likes of which
have never been equaled, and the ocean is always
warm and inviting, no sharks,
just dolphins and waves, waves, waves…
and the beautiful woman you were supposed
to have thrown at you is not so beautiful?

What if she’s the slop cook
at the island’s only burger joint?
Or what if she’s beautiful but
has a mean spirit and a cold heart?

Plans are only plans, my friend,
and you’re walking a fine line today.
Sure, this side of paradise
is not so pretty,
why do you think Fitzy wrote that book?

Alright, I’m letting it go.
I’m done talking you out of this.

on the other hand
dangling in the ocean water,
why the hell not?

surf the ocean, climb the mountain,
grasp the brass ring, leave all this behind you
and only look forward.
Make no arrangements–break free
from the weight of your things, let them all go,
forget the job, the car, the house on the corner lot,
even the piano (you’ll get another one!)—
leave this life all behind you
and seek out the one you were meant to have,
and when you do,
send a postcard or a message
in a bottle
back to me
in some language other than English,
in some language that you make up on the spot,
or just draw me
a crayon drawing
because I already understand

My novel, Upside Down Kingdom, is available on Amazon. More of my poetry to come soon.