Day Two of No Talking. When every word hurts a bit, I have a whole lot less of them that need to be said.

Before this scratchy-throat-lost-voice thing, I went out earlier this week to listen to music with a friend of mine. We got some drinks and listened along, and even between songs we were quiet. The bartender kept asking us if we were alright, and we kept assuring her we were. It had been a long day, and we were both chilly and tired. We stayed maybe an hour and then headed on our way. photo-2

But in that hour, I knew that my friend liked his spicy cinnamon cocktail because he sipped at it with a look of contentment. I knew he was holding his mug to warm his hands. I knew when he liked a song because he’d tap along with his fingers against the mug. At one point, he picked up a menu and pointed out typos on it so I’d smile and shake my head. When we were ready to go we looked at each other, then gathered our things and bundled up against the cold. Once outside the restaurant, we both sprinted to the car like little kids.

There’s something to be said for finding those people in life that you can talk to—and those who can read you like a book without your having to say a word.


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