photo-3On the Merry-Go-Round of life, it’s important to choose your animal wisely. Frills, location, ability to jump, these are usually the deciding factors. And they invented, on the outer edge of the carousel where the horses didn’t jump, a game with rings. It was a way to entice riders to take those horses that were locked down. Riders on that outer edge could reach for a ring as the carousel passed by a dispenser. History says that, at first, the rings were hard to get. Then later, the system was changed so that the rings were easy to reach, but there were lots of nondescript metal rings and very few of brass. The ultimate goal was to get the brass ring, because it meant you could go on the ride again for free. In America, the brass ring has come to signify reaching success.

Not every rider needs the quest for the brass ring. Sometimes it’s just nice to sit in the center with your friends on the horses that jump and move as the carousel spins.

But some riders need to leave the pack behind and ride on that edge for a chance to grasp the brass ring.

It takes all kinds to make a world. Some days you enjoy the ride, and some days, you make the leap.

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