Sometimes hindsight is 20/20. Other times, the entire path long, it’s just hit or miss.

There can be wonderfully clear signs pointing the direction ahead for you, and other times when there are absolutely none and you have to make a decision in the dark.


Zelda Fitzgerald (F. Scott’s wife, who, I think, was a fantastic writer and possibly better than her husband) said, “By the time a person has knowledge adequate for making a decision, the time is passed and the die is long since cast which determined the future.” (Look at the way she lined up those words: die is long since cast… Beautiful!)

Taking a lesson from Zelda, we can’t always know ahead of time if we’re making the right decision. But there’s more to life’s road than strange crossroads, strict directions, and one-way signs. By continuing to seek out adequate knowledge, we can learn to see the much bigger field of play.

Fun tidbit about Zelda: She used to pay extra to ride on the hood of her taxicabs in New York, before they passed a law forbidding it for safety reasons.

Perhaps it’s high time we all stop being afraid to really live.


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