photo-2Today’s post is short and sweet today, as I’m running low on time. Ironically, this is the memory that comes to mind:

My dear friend (and Italian teacher), Francesca, once told me that in America, time moves so quickly. We're always going and rushing, and we don't take time anymore. “In Italy,” she says, “We stop time--stop it by just stopping a friend on the street, having a conversation, then meeting the next person, and so on. Time stops because you make it stop,” she says.

And I think: If we make time stop, we might have the chance to get to know ourselves more fully.

Perhaps we make better choices in life when we know our own hearts and minds. We could live, as my friend Daniel says, "The lives we were meant to live."


For more on Francesca, visit the character she inspired in my book, Upside Down Kingdom. It’s on Amazon. For more on Dr. Daniel Drubach, see my post, “The Paths We Take.”