book-from-dawn2.jpgOn this blustery Thursday, I’m going where the wind takes me with a fun little scene from Upside Down Kingdom. This novel moment is based on a tale from my own life at a D.C. cocktail party, during which I was told exactly what I needed to hear, at exactly the right moment. This scene served to propel me, as well as main character Amy, into an entirely new direction…

“I hear you have a degree in writing,” said a gruff voice behind me. It was Ted Harvey, Mr. Watters’ friend, who approached me. “Well, how do you find Washington?”

“Oh, I don’t know that this is the town for my kind of writing,” I said to the silver-haired cowboy-looking Ted Harvey. “I’m not a journalist. I prefer poetry and fiction.”

Mr. Harvey laughed. “No wonder you ended up in D.C. Look around you,” he said. “This is fiction.”

His honesty was so refreshing, that, for a moment I was allowed to drop the politeness and I found myself to be whole again. A smile came to me slowly.

“Fiction, you say?” I stepped back and surveyed the room with new eyes.

“Now you’re getting the picture. Have a good evening,” he said, and walked away.

Eventually we did get a new President and the construction finally stopped on Pennsylvania Avenue. And I had a revelation.

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