photoHappy Full Moon Friday Valentine’s Day!

Experts out there are now saying there is no correlation between crazy behavior and lunar phases. I beg to differ. I’ve worked in hospitals (on the paperwork side, not the patient care side the way my family and friends do) and watched aggressive personality changes in my normally calm coworkers. I’ve worked in restaurants where insanity has taken over routine, clockwork functions. There just seems to be “something” in the air on full moon Fridays. We’re restless, accident-prone, and we just can’t explain how the bottom could drop out of something that was so sure-fire: the power goes out and the backup generator quits, the bread you made every day for the last four years refuses to rise, you’ve lost weight and the dress that fit beautifully yesterday is so tight today that the zipper won’t close… Add to that Valentine’s Day’s high expectations and you’re just asking for trouble.

Now, barring terrible accidents, most of our terribly woeful struggles can be easily solved—if we’re willing to think outside the box. Work by candlelight, serve flatbread to your guests; throw a sweater over the dress (or wear your comfy pants instead and have room for dessert). If the situation can’t be turned around, turn it in a different direction.

We do this every day of our lives, so Valentine’s Day and its hyper sensitivity toward love should be no different. Love comes in all forms, not just from that special someone, but from parents, kids, teachers, pets, coworkers, friends, neighbors. Focus on that today, not what’s missing.

Prove the experts right. Take a deep breath. Focus. Think outside the box. And enjoy the adventure.

My love, not just to all, but to each of you this fine, crazy day.



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