It’s Saturday! We made it to the weekend. What’s more, we made it to The Day After.

I don’t know what the rest of the world does on January 1, February 15, the day after the Minnesota ice celebration ends with its Polar Plunge and outdoor Ice Bar madness, the day after Mother’s Day, and all the days after a holiday, but we, the restaurant workers of the world, try to sleep for as long as possible, and when we do get up, we try like mad to get back into bed. And as these things go, I woke up promptly this morning, right on time for my early alarm which was not set. (I have my theories on this phenomenon, but I’ll save those for another day.)

My favorite thing of all is slowly crawling out of bed toward a hot shower, followed by putting on fresh pjs and hopping back into bed. January 1 is the best for this, as most public places shut down for New Year’s Day and limit my distractions. (Personally, I think a good year can be marked for how many times you’re able to do the bed-shower-pj-return trick throughout the year. I’m shooting for 4 this year.)

The best part of the trick, much like the “birthday nap,” is that you absolutely deserve it. Physically, your body needs rest. Emotionally, you can’t feel guilty about giving in to that rest. Mentally, well, mentally: Today I Googled how to scroll using a Mac vs. the PC I used to have. As my Facebook friends will tell you, I’m so amazed at this technique, I’ve been opening screens and emails left and right, trying it out and giggling. That’s my mental state.

Ah, but this playful, serene, and appreciative state of mind seems to unlock doors and clear paths when it comes to plotting novels. Imagination takes over without interference on days like this. Goals are accomplishable and dreams are tangible.  And the world becomes entirely possible again when you just give yourself the time to sit still for a change.

Rest easy, and rest happy, all.

My first novel, Upside Down Kingdom, is available on Amazon. Take it to a bed near you.