Iphoto’m heading to the woods today. It’s time to enjoy the winter with a little snowshoeing. The very first three times I went walking in these particular woods, I returned to pick up my pen. I’ll share these writings with you this week, as they’re each vastly different.

I imagine some people are naturals when they get in the woods. Others of us, well, we get so focused within that it’s hard to look without. I figure it out, but it takes me three tries.

Here’s the first walk, which took place in late spring:

I walked in the woods today.

The leaves on the ground crunched under our feet when we veered off the path–leaves that were buried under the snow all winter.  I was surprised there were so many, and they looked like they’d just fallen.  My friend Johanna said they would be gone by August, disintegrated.  She said the fall is a gorgeous time to walk the trail.

I looked mostly at my feet, because it was dangerous.  But when I did look up, it was vast, amazing space.  We were very small under the tall trees, which spread as far as the eye could see…


The woods writings are part of my book, The Forty, which is unreleased and pending edits. My first novel, Upside Down Kingdom, is available on Amazon.