photo-2Walking in the woods can teach you volumes about understanding life: seasons, animal behavior, weather patterns, directions, the ability to withstand, the ability to let go. This is what I wrote after the second time I walked in a particular set of woods with my friend Johanna. While I’m all wrapped up in an internal struggle that was happening in my life at the time, I’m starting to get better at seeing what’s around me.

This is Part Two, following yesterday’s post, Walking in the Woods: The Vastness of Trees:

Today I took another walk in the woods, and thought about the past.  The walk was pleasant, winding through the woods.  I went over old memories, events of the past couple years.

We turned and headed downhill, onto another, lesser-used path.  But still a path.  It was rigorous, keeping my balance and feeling my leg muscles pulling me backward toward the hill as I descended.

I’ve made mistakes.  Sometimes those mistakes ended up helping me, and sometimes not.

At the bottom, we followed the curve of the river and emerged from the trees to the dead-end of a road.  We walked the other direction on the road for a while.  I’ve made a lot of decisions.  Some of them good, and some bad.  Some decisions I’d refused to even make.

We re-entered the woods, and took a steep and winding path back up.  I have good memories and bad ones.  I have regrets and triumphs.

I’ve thought all of these thoughts before.  But today it wasn’t about judgment or blaming others or even about blaming myself.  It all adds up to a picture that makes me, well, me.  I’m not exactly shrugging it off.  I’m accepting all of it, good and bad and all, as me.  I didn’t have to force the acceptance.  It just naturally came with my thoughts.  And with acceptance, came peace.

And then the path evened out and the walk was pleasant again.


The woods writings are part of my book, The Forty, which is unreleased and pending edits. My first novel, Upside Down Kingdom, is available on Amazon.