photo-3There are measures of people in the world. I hate that it’s true, but it is.

There are people who will leave you stranded because it’s a burden to them to help out. And there are those who will stop to help no matter what it costs them.

Here’s the gist of the story: In the aftermath of the blizzard, a car skidded on the ice in front of me at an intersection, and it was clear that the car was stuck. So, a bunch of us jumped out to get the lame duck car going again. It took a few minutes, about two light changes and one man fell down in the process, but it ultimately worked and we got the car on its way.

And then, let’s just say that a certain someone returned to her car after work, around midnight, to find that it wouldn’t start. She called a friend who agreed to meet up to try to jump the battery. While she’s waiting, she decides to go to a nearby restaurant where she knows the staff and can sit inside to wait. She tells the staff about the dead battery and that she needs to wait about 20 minutes. The staff lets her sit down and they go back to talking amongst themselves. But roughly ten minutes later, the staff abruptly turn out the lights. Our favorite character gathers her things in the dark and proceeds out the door. On her way out, the staff pause their conversation and throw her way, “Hey, hope things work out with your car.”

Dear Readers, which people are you? I’m asking you to take a stand. The past doesn’t matter.  All that matters is who you are now and who you’ll be when the call comes.

These are the moments, the moments that matter. Make them count.

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