GlastonburyA zillion years ago, (or perhaps 15), I traveled to Glastonbury, England on a writer’s retreat with author Emily Hanlon. Glastonbury is said to be King Arthur territory, and before that it was entirely covered by tidal water. It’s mystical, full of myth, ruins, and lore. The entire place seems to hum, from the ground up.

A group of us, all female, stayed in an old Abbey House for a little over a week. We wrote, met, discussed, ate, danced, explored the town, and wrote some more. It was a week of adventure, friendship, and writing discovery, from which I have great stories–actual and written.

Recently, I came across an exercise that Emily asked us to do during our very first meeting, which involved making a list of what we would like to get out of the Glastonbury experience. My list includes 16 items, mostly about becoming a better writer, trusting the ability, making friends, etc., etc., the usual suspects. I don’t mean to belittle these things. They’re important, and I believe in them. But stuck toward the beginning of the “My Intentions Are” list was #3.  And #3 just knocks it out of the park:

“3. To move the blankets when I sleep here–to sleep with such fury and passion with ideas that I move those heavy blankets in my sleep and have to completely remake the bed in the morning.”

Remembering that trip, where I was, who I was, the way I thought about writing (even then), the pieces I wrote then and since, and finding #3… I was stunned silent. After a little while, I smiled and thought, “Dear ’99 Me: You can, and you will.” 

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