photoAh, February. We can’t believe it’s over so fast. Simultaneously, we’re over it, weather-wise.

And you, well, you lived it with me, blog fans. As I said in January, I’m beginning to see the the importance of recognizing where we’ve been, appreciating how far we’ve come.

Here’s a look back at our February journey, from my view:

The most popular February post was Groundhog Day. My edgiest post, in my opinion, was Recompense IV, which was posted on a Friday, of course. (I tend to have attitude on Fridays.) I admit I like edgy. I have small moments of terror when posting edgy blogs, but I post them nonetheless.

In February, I posted two series: the Recompense Series and the Walking in the Woods Series. Recompense began as a reaction to my friend’s comment: “It just doesn’t pay to be a nice guy.” From that, I wrote four reactionary blogs about expectation, giving freely, thankfulness, and the reality of turning the other cheek, which was Recompense IV. My Walking in the Woods Series reviewed my very first three experiences in the woods here in Minnesota. Each of them were vastly different, from watching my footing to listening to my inner self to, finally, picking my head up during the walk and seeing what was actually around me.

In Life in the Snow Globe, I posted during a blizzard here in Minnesota, one that we are still digging out from under. Mid-blizzard, I’d lost power during that blog, so I wrote and posted for the first time via mobile app on my phone. Immediately afterward, one local blog fan sent me the text: “Are you posting via candlelight now?” Indeed I was.

My typical Friday rants included a rare Sunday rant in February with Take a Stand. I must say, month-wise, I’m most proud of Take a Stand, Recompense IV, Edge Riders, and The Greats.

I ended the month with some poetry, and it received good response, so I may include more poems in the future. I typically perform new poetry at monthly readings, so I can certainly share what I’m working on with you. Upcoming events are always posted on my website.

I tried not to get too word-nerdy this month, but that’ll probably change as I have many words that I love and want to blog, and many phrases being used today that I can’t stand. Additionally, I’m a practitioner and witness to risks being taken with language that I find astounding and expanding to our vocabulary. I won’t continue to remain silent about these great wonders and their gorgeous effects.

Truth be told, I enjoyed the end of Lunacy. I wrote it, posted it, and then added it to my lineup to read at a local college two hours later. (Special thanks go out to poet Pam Whitfield for organizing that stellar poetry performance February 14.)

Readership numbers increased in February, and, as I said in January, they’re reading your great comments as much as my posts. Thank you, readers!

And though I have no idea what is coming in March, readers, mark my words: It will be epic. And we’ll do it together.

Signing off from February. See you tomorrow in March.



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