Excerpt from a letter to a dear friend. Perhaps one day I’ll receive such a letter:

photo…My standards are high, but I give everyone the freedom to make a mistake and then fix it.  Everyone has something to offer.  I try to be fair, and I listen to why people do what they do.  These things I got from you.

The world could use more people like you, people who’ve earned the respect of their peers through a lifetime of knowledge and experience, people who’ve raised eyebrows with their honesty and fairness, people who aren’t so self-absorbed that they can’t inspire the “up and comers” to believe in themselves.  You’re a shining example of how I try to live my life. And so, I hope you appreciate the irony as I make a suggestion: Don’t sit still.  Get up.  Your next adventure, whatever it is, is just around the corner.  Go meet it.  Don’t do it for all of us you inspired, or even for yourself.  Do it for all those you have yet to inspire.  They’re waiting.  Doe-eyed and straight off the bus from Pittsburgh.  They’re waiting…

Upside Down Kingdom is on Amazon. It’s my first book. The first of many. The original.