As adults, we can look back on childhood and remember events in the strangest ways, as if they happened in dreams. Here’s a very short story, filled with paranoia and plotting, from 2-year-old me.

On My Own, at the Ripe Old Age of 2

I was in a large, seemingly dark room where my Dad had brought me. He told me where my mom was and I didn’t understand where he meant.  But he knew where she was, and didn’t seem to need to question it, so I didn’t either.

There were many women around us, all wearing white masks over their mouths and noses, and all were wearing green clothes.  They were all pretty busy at the many large tables that filled the room.  The place looked like an evil laboratory with the dim lights and the large tables.

My Dad left me to see my Mom, but before he did, he told me to be good, and that I was alright.  And I really was for a while.  But those tables were so big and there was no flowers or candy on them–I know because I climbed onto a chair and looked.  Everything was so bare, and clean. The ladies around me were like giants, and I was getting smaller and smaller.  When I suddenly realized that I hadn’t seen my Dad for a long time, I began to realize that I didn’t really know where I was, either.  Why was I here, and why did he leave me?  Why didn’t he come back? Where did he and my Mom go without me?

photoI started to panic, but the giant ladies in green talked nicely to me.  They bent way down to talk and smile at me.  One of them gave me some spoons to play with.

Why would I want to play with spoons?  I had toys to play with at home. Spoons were no fun. But I took their spoons and stopped crying so they’d leave me alone.  Mom and Dad and Home were gone now, and I would be on my own from now on.  As soon as the ladies in green would leave me alone, I’d escape.

The next thing I knew, it was sunny, and my parents and I were in the car on our way home.  Mom had my new baby sister in her arms and kept smiling down to her little face.  I kept asking why we had to bring her home with us, and I never really got a straight answer.  But I had a cup of colored mints that were all mine to eat on the ride home.

My parents were back. We were going Home. But they could come and go and do anything they wanted. I now knew that I could rely on myself.  And I could do anything, too. I was strong. I had my cup of mints.

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