It’s been a rough couple of days, but things are looking up. Here’s a poem for your Sunday pleasure that’s right up my alley:

Tiny Ship

Last night I dreamed I was a tiny ship,
thrown about by mighty waves.
To and fro, up and back,
waves cresting over the little deck
in the dark of night.

I’d try to brace myself for what I could see ahead,
only to be thrown again by an unseen wave behind me
I persevered.
There had to be a way.

But the dark waves swelled around me,
they were endless,
and jarring to the ship upon which I struggled. 

It was chaos. Madness.
There was nothing to grab onto,
no decision that could help me.

“I won’t survive this for long,”
I finally admitted in my mind,
not out of defeat,
but out of the need for the truth.

That’s when suddenly
I was whisked back,
pulled backward so far,
my vantage point changed.

I was now watching the tiny ship
as it was cast about by these now familiar giant waves.
As I watched, I became aware that I was watching.
Curiously: Watching.

I was not on deck, nor was I the deck itself.
I wasn’t reeling or crashing.
I was not the tiny ship; which meant:
I was the mighty wave.

I opened my eyes to the dark calm of my room
and felt old strength return to me.
“I could crush that ship,” I thought immediately.
And then another thought came to me,
and I smiled, because returning strength gave me choices:
“I can calm these waves,” I thought, “and get the ship to shore.”

 Tiny Ship poem

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