Well, we made it to Friday! This week has been Week Two of much-needed house repairs where a handful of men and women have practically lived with me in order to get the work done before their next job is slated to begin. In the process, the house had to become exceptionally dirty, normal-use items had to be put in creative places and not-so-creative places (like dog food in my dining room), and I spent the better part of this week replaying scenes from The Money Pit in my mind. I remember when Shelley Long opens her medicine cabinet and a workman hands her her morning ritual items, including telling her she was out of birth control pills, or something like that. It’s amazing how familiar we get when sharing space with others. Last week I was concerned with getting laundry put away for the sake of privacy, but this week I only cared enough to get the basket out of their way. (They were using the laundry room as a home base, though tools had been left all over the house.)

In addition to The Money Pit, I kept repeating to myself J.D. Salinger’s “Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters!” as a sort of construction mantra, usually as a happy sing-song, but other times I let my mind wonder why a person would need to write such a line as a failsafe in case the carpenters hadn’t thought to raise the roof beam high. Every spare moment I had this week, especially while walking from my car at the back of the house over the ice to the front door because I gave the carpenters my only back door key, I contemplated Salinger and his note about the roof beam. Luckily, my roof beam’s fine, I think.

My cat and dog were rather disturbed by the chaos, which brought about a couple vet visits this week. That was expensive, but the furry kids are worth it and seem to be much better. Personally, I’m starting to see double in my right eye, but the vet didn’t want to look at that. Incidentally, the stuff they prescribed to calm the cat left him glassy-eyed but zippy. We stopped that med. And boy, the new prescription cat food smells lovely in my dining room. Once some paint dries, I can access the lower level of the house (which makes it sound huge, right? “The lower level and the East Wing and all…” in my best high-brow voice. In reality it’s more cottage-size, so having no access to the entire basement really cuts the living space in half). Anyway, soon I hope to put the pet dishes back in the basement, sorry, “Lower Level,” where they belong. I’ll also be able to do laundry then, too, which I don’t much care about but I’m sure my coworkers do.

Concentrating on writing through the noise and interruptions was an interesting feat, and of course this is the big deadline week of my entire month and even the office has noisy work happening at the moment. But I managed to meet all the necessary deadlines as well as chat with you all. I credit Ben and Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns ice cream for some of that. I discovered it this week at the grocery store and bought it on a whim. The stuff made me so happy I cried. No kidding. My nerves were shot. Then made a late-night trip back for more. Then I got some work done.

photoAll in all it’s been one heck of a week. And I truly have no reason to complain: The carpenters were gracious enough to let my dog out routinely (or maybe the furry foreman was getting too close for comfort. Border collies tend to run the show.) And, you won’t believe this, but yesterday before the whole troop left en masse, they called in their emergency back-up: a cleaning service who ran through and scrubbed the putty off the steps, wiped up all the plaster dust, swept the floors, scrubbed the sinks, and even tidied the pet bowls. I may not clean for a month (you know I’m kidding, sort of).

Thanks for bearing with me this week, all!

And, as the week’s not over yet, I hereby raise my cinnamon spoon to the weekend with the best-frazzled toast I could think up: Bring it on.

My first book, Upside Down Kingdom, is available on Amazon. I’ll close one eye and sign it for you.