Among various projects, I’m editing the first draft of my manuscript, The Forty. (That’s the working title.) Here’s an excerpt:

Bob, the cat, likes to paw at your hip when you’re sitting in a chair.  He squeaks as he touches you to get your attention, but when you try to pick him up, he runs away.

I tried to pet him, but he flopped over and played with my purse that was on the floor, seemingly uninterested in me.  This happened over and over again.

Finally, his owners came home and I asked them what he was up to.


“That’s his way of asking you to scratch his back,” I was told.  “If you pet his back, then he’ll do somersaults and you can sometimes pet his belly.”

I looked at Bob, “Why didn’t you just say that?”

We’re not always good at asking for what we want. But asking is only a fraction of it, and a late fraction at that. The early fraction, the beginning, is figuring out what we want. Bob knows.

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