One night, I dreamed about the wall in this picture. In the dream, I was sitting in front of the wall, talking with friends that, in my waking life, I didn’t know. Three months after the dream, I traveled to Glastonbury, England for the first time. On a day trip to the Wells Cathedral (where they let me touch the ancient books in their library!), I eventually rejoined my tour group outside in the sunshine for some lunch. When I looked up, I saw the wall.

Even from afar, England awakens the senses.

Here’s the second part of “The Evening,” written from Glastonbury. (Click here for yesterday’s The Evening, Part One.)

The Evening 

The vegetation thinned
and I was able to see my companion was barefoot.
The bushes became smaller and we reached
the edge of the tree line.

I broke through the trees.
There was water suddenly beneath me,
and I ran a few steps in it
before stopping myself.
was gone.
The green of the forest behind me had given way
to a gray lakeside.

My feet were cold in the water,
and I saw that they were bare.

My legs were covered
in a white flowing gown.
I looked down at myself in this white gown and saw my hair
spilling down my chest—not my short blonde hair,
but long, red strands.

I saw the gray water before me,
And I slowly looked up to the opposite shore
Where there stood myself, in my old shorts and t-shirt,
with short, blonde hair.
Myself yards away on the opposite shore was watching me
where I stood.

I smiled a knowing smile to her,
All her questions
All the thoughts whirling in her head pulling her in opposite directions
But this was the evening, not the night,
This is a new distribution of elements, evening
She’ll get there
I closed my eyes,
and felt solid, whole
she’ll get here

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