399462_3012811298776_338098614_nToday, among a zillion other things, I moved a piano. Then I threw on a dress and went to a gallery to drink champagne and chat with artists. Physically, I’m tired. Mentally, I’m super-charged, but not in any way that makes sense. Emotionally, I want to smile and curl up under a blanket. It’s been a good day. Wonderfully, it’s not over yet.

Here’s a quote I heard earlier today that, in a way, gives the world sense (I tried to write  “makes the world ‘sensical’” but apparently that’s not a word according to Microsoft. Nonsensical, no problem, but sensical… We must change this, world.) Oh, here’s the quote:

“I’m lucky enough to have friends who are smarter than I am who help me out of a crisis. And they’re non-judgmental enough not to mind all the stupid things I do.”


I’m so glad you said this, Chris. Incidentally, you teach me something every time I see you.


My first book, Upside Down Kingdom, is available on Amazon. I’ll sign it for you.