photo-4This’ll sound familiar to some of you. I’ve been researching a metal object passed down through history known as the Devil’s Clef. My crude drawing is included in this post. The Clef has been fashioned from metal, but historic attempts to discover which metal and to realize its melting point have, thus far, proved unsuccessful.

What is known is that the Clef pre-dates the Bronze Age (2300-700 BC). What is rumored is that it’s cursed—thus, the name. Powerful generals, kings, and queens throughout history have been said to own the Clef for short periods of time. Supposedly, keeping it will destroy your life. But in giving it away, the bad luck will go with the Clef, leaving room for great riches, power, etc., to find their way to you.

I don’t make this up—I’m just reporting to you what I’ve read. Okay, that’s walking a fine line of truth, so here we go: Happy First of April!

The full truth is that I’m reporting what I’ve read about the Clef after I wrote it. I invented the Clef, its history, its curse, and even a nondescript man I call John Baker, who is given the Clef and, knowing what it is and what it will do, decides to keep it anyway. He thinks he’s saving the world. In reality, he has no idea what he’s really done, and the roller coaster ride is just beginning.

My April plan is to launch an Indiegogo campaign, like a Kickstarter, to get the funds to write John Baker’s story. Details to come…

My first book, Upside Down Kingdom, is available on Amazon.