photo-5I’m doing some prep work for this weekend. I’ve been asked to teach a poetry workshop on Saturday, as well as sit in on a fiction panel. On Sunday, I’ll be a panelist for a writing forum. As the weekend gets closer, I’m starting to fully realize how much I can’t wait to spend time writing and discussing writing with like-minded people. Normally I prefer to sit alone and write, but I have a feeling that these seminars with well-rounded and accomplished panelists—from poets, fiction and non-fiction writers, editors, members of grant boards, all of whom actually write and don’t just talk about it—that the ensuing discussion with these doers will be epic.

That’s the thing with writing. You have to write. That’s really it. You don’t have to be good at it, and you don’t have to make money at it, you just have to practice it. As my accountant says, “According to the U.S. government, Jody, you never have to make a profit. You just have to have clean books.”

I’m personally planning to have volumes of books. But to have volumes, one needs to write. And oh, how I write. Sometimes it’s beautiful, and other times, full of discord. But I do it anyway.

In a way, I allow for it. I give myself time to write. I plan out my weeks so I have time daily to devote to the practice. I give myself space—both the physical location to write and also some logic over poor writing (I study the mistakes). It all teaches something. I invest in the proper tools (pens, paper, computer, though, napkins do in a pinch). I read what others are writing. I listen to performances. All of these things don’t equal success, but I certainly don’t set myself up to fail, either. I put the pieces in place, and I allow the writing to happen. And this weekend, I get to spend time with other doers to discuss how they get it done. How amazing is that?

If you’re in the area or can be on Saturday, look up The Salon on 1st Avenue. On Sunday, find me at the Calvary Forum at 10 a.m. with P.S. Duffy and Sister Karol.


In the meantime, if you pick up a copy of my book, Upside Down Kingdom on Amazon, I’ll sign it for you.