Ten Ways Poets Think that Set Them Apart


10. Practice paying attention to the world around them

9. Seek to find just the right word for the job

8. Read and write (a lot!)

7. Are open to new experience

6. Have passion, focused or general, and especially for words

5. Explore forms of writing that are out of the ordinary

4. Think in metaphors

3. Enjoy using words in surprising ways

2. Pay attention to beauty of words

1. Play with words the way children play with toys, and for the same reason

If you think in some or all of these ways, pick up a pen and paper or hit New Doc on your screen and get working without delay. What you have to say might just change the world.


SONY DSCJody Brown is a poet, novelist, multi-blogger, and traveler. She’s leading a Poetry workshop at The Salon on Saturday, and will be a panelist at the Calvary Forum on Sunday with authors P.S. Duffy and Sister Karol. Her first novel, Upside Down Kingdom, is available on Amazon.