A little poetry, in honor of April being National Poetry Month. This one’s called “Emergence,” which is my favorite word.


You seek a feeling that comes from complete fear,
A feeling of determination
that happens only when your fear and your sadness
get the best of you
and you see yourself aimlessly and
alarmingly low…Yet surviving.

You’ve no protection here,
no pride and nothing else to lose,
so set your feet beneath you and feel
the joy that they hold your own weight.

Take your message when it comes,
and revel that your fear delivered it
Accept and absorb your own dark reflection
as the truth,
and feel the alignment back to right
The universe will relax its hold for just a moment
Long enough to whisper to you
what you’re about to become

I tell you,
I’ve counted the same bricks
and reached to those illusory walls
Change is driving toward you with a fury, my friend,
and when it arrives,
give it my warm regards.

My first novel, Upside Down Kingdom, is available on Amazon. Poetry forthcoming.