JordanFrom my travel journals… This is an experience in Jordan:

…We are going to stop at the Jabbok River, but in order to stop, we are driving on a 3-lane highway on top of this mountain, looking for an overlook…

Back on the bus again. Here’s what just happened: We initially stopped on the highway, where we’d probably been going 60 mph, and looked out the windows of the bus. Let me repeat: we were now stopped on the highway. Our driver, Wasfi, then decided there was a better place, an actual overlook, about 50 meters behind us. So we backed up, slowly of course, right in the third lane of the highway as traffic sped up the hill alongside us. I thought we were going to die, but it was not in the cards this day.

We got out and froze in the wind on top of the overlook, took some pictures, Paul read the story of Jacob wrestling with the angel of God and God changing Jacob’s name to Israel, and we jumped back into the heat of the bus where I now write.

First thing: It was a great view.

Second: No wonder we always hear about bus crashes!

Incidentally, “Insha’Allah” is Arabic for “God willing.” I say it a lot lately, and I let it go at that. Insha’Allah.

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