photo-4Happy Easter, everyone!

I’ve filled up on chocolate and jelly beans, and I wanted to just post this nice bunny picture for you but my mind keeps replaying two conversations from the past couple days. I promise to make it brief and to tread lightly.

Here’s the first thought, told to me by a friend this week:

“I want to leave my job. I’ve hit a glass ceiling, I’m not appreciated, and just recently, my employer told me I could be replaced in a heartbeat. But I’m trapped. I want to take a week off this summer and I don’t think another employer will go for that, so I’m stuck.”

Here’s the second thought, a quote from a teacher friend of mine, taken from mid-discussion:

“I exist because I resist, and I have the power to resist.” In a sense, if you don’t resist, you’re choosing to go along with the crowd, taking the easy flood-swept route. Giving in. The single hard part is living with the choice. This discussion, incidentally, was about existentialism, “the right to say no” as she puts it.

(I love that in a couple sentences, we went from tread lightly to existentialism—but we did tiptoe to get here.)

So, two thoughts. Two separate thoughts. Days apart. Separate. Thoughts. We’re all thinking the same thing, now, aren’t we?

Good. I know it’s not the easy route. But when do we choose to strive for more, if not now?

We’ve all got some living to do. Let’s meet back here tomorrow.


For existential reading, start with these Wikipedia links: Dostoyevsky, Existentialism, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Sartre.

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