Here’s what all the fuss is about! I was invited to write and perform some Shakespearean sonnets at Rochester Community & Technical College today. So I got to work on my iambic pentameter, rhyming quatrains, and couplets–not forgetting “the turn” in language at Line 9…
And this is what happened: The Zombie Sonnets.
(No one ever said you had to write about flowers.)

Zombie Sonnet #4: Zombies in Love

The sockets of your eyes are deep and dark
And they accentuate your cavern nose
The way you limp along gives me a spark
I even love all seven of your toes
I’ve never felt like this, I feel insane
As if my heart were still inside my chest
For you are better than the freshest brains
And lovelier than all those second best
But I apologize that you felt gross
That night I kissed your ear and it fell off
I have it still; I like to keep it close
‘Cause in this sicko world, you cured my cough
With that, my squishy dumpling can’t you see
How much I love you, will you marry me?


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