RalphSome very good friends of mine make jewelry. They sell it in stores and galleries in multiple states, and a couple times each year, they launch an Open House right from their home, inviting over 1500 people to stop in and shop.

Over the years, they’ve invited their creative friends to showcase and sell their own work at these Open House events. There are clothing designers, a weaver, a potter, a photographer, a mosaic artist, musicians, a writer (yours truly), and, this one’s a doozy: even other jewelers, because, when you love what you do, you share.

You open your home, your heart, show your polished work and your messy work-in-progress, because in the true spirit of sharing, it’s all about feeling the magic and energy of creativity.

Do what you love, and share it.

My first book, Upside Down Kingdom, is available on Amazon. I’ll sign it for you.