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part of the new spring line at

When I was very little, my mom would put me in a playpen while she got housework done or was making dinner. She tells me this—I don’t remember it. At least, I don’t think I do. And she says I’d do nothing but scream and cry in the playpen. But when she lowered the sides so I could get out, I calmed down and stopped crying. So anytime she put me in there, she left the sides down. Sometimes I’d hop out, grab a toy I was missing, and hop back in.

I have noticed in my life, that when I feel trapped in a circumstance or a situation, I make every effort to change it, and fast. But if I experience the same circumstances without the trapped feeling, I can sit still for a long time.

But sitting still doesn’t make a person docile. I sit still while weighing my options. I also sit still while planning, plotting, and observing.

It’s how escape happens.

It’s also how books get written.

Artwork above is from my friend Bela’s clothing line, with hand-drawn designs in the Indian tradition of Mehndi. Check out her website at

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