I don’t know what it is about chives, but I planted some years ago in a little planter box outside my kitchen. In 2012, winter came on suddenly, and I’d forgotten to move the boxes into the garage for winter before they froze in place, so there they stayed all winter. But, as soon as the 17 inches of snow from May 2, 2013 melted, there were the chives.

This winter, I did manage to put the planter boxes into the garage in the nick of time.

And now with the wind, rain, and strange temperature swings this May, I haven’t been ready to get the boxes out and start replanting yet.

photo-2The other day I stumbled on them in the garage, and curiously, found the chives growing. I nearly cried. Mind you, it’s a detached garage. It’s cold and dark in there. Yet, even in this dead wasteland, there was the chive, like an old, familiar friend back from a long trip.

I decided to call the chive Walter. Perhaps that’s strange, but I’m taking the writerly way out on this one:

  1. We name things.
  2. There’s nothing wrong with filling your life with characters.
  3. A dear friend returning from a trip shouldn’t be met with, “Oh, hello…you…” which is what happened.
  4. (More sibling than writerly): My sister has a plant named Wendy, so there.

Sure, chives are hardy, perennial, and will take over if you let them. But they also need a lot of sunlight and water. This chive got neither in my garage for the past 6 months, yet, there it is.

I put Walter back in his place outside the kitchen, and thought about how some things just don’t need my help. They happen with or without my fretting over them.

You gotta love that kind of independence.
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