Today I took a different route to the grocery store, as I was coming from work. At one point where I normally make a left toward home or downtown, I instead went right. Halfway down the block a school bus was stopped on the other side of the road outside a little white house. Traffic was beginning to line up behind the bus. (I imagine in most states you can’t pass a school bus, and even the opposite lane, where I was traveling, you need to stop and wait.) I stopped and waited.

The bus door was open, but no one was exiting. Then I watched as a man sprinted from the house and hopped on the bus. The lady bus driver’s face suggested this was status quo. And I watched as the man exited the bus, hugging a small boy and carrying a red backpack.

I have no idea, good or bad, why this happened. But everything about it suggested it happens all the time. The boy looked happy. The bus driver looked happy. The man hugging the child looked relieved and happy.

My overall feeling was that I was witnessing something extraordinary and I was glad I made the right turn.

I might go back tomorrow and see if it happens again.

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