With the final report due on my grant, the end of Sunday School, a couple articles due for Rochester Women Magazine, and a smathering of public appearances and poetry readings lately, I’ve had a lot on my plate—and the number of people to thank has grown wonderfully. I’m a personal believer that a true Thank You note should be written through tears of gratitude.
And I find that the more I sit quietly and think about it, the more people I find I can thank for their help, kindness, swift kicks in the butt, and advice these past few weeks. And the more I think, the more thankful I am.
I read an article this morning that said successful people give themselves time to think. I’m betting that serene people, who are the ones I seek out in my friendships, are the ones giving themselves time to be thankful. To me, that’s a person of success.

My first book, Upside Down Kingdom, is available on Amazon. I’ll sign it for you.