You go along in life, working, schooling, churching, familying, vacationing, volunteering, working again… It’s easy to get caught up in the routine. And sometimes, it’s easier to get it all accomplished when you have that routine, the structure and schedule of it all to guide your feet from task to task.

photoOne day you find out a friend left his job in order to pursue his passion. You wish the friend well. Months later, you wander into a little pub, and see your friend there, striking up the band—his band. And he proceeds to sing Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, and rocks the house belting out Prince in the state where Prince originates.

When you see this, two things come to mind:

1. Leaving work to follow your dream is not ditching the routine. It’s exchanging a paying routine for one with no guarantees.

2. Shedding a structure that doesn’t fit for one where you’ve got room to grow and no set path, for some people, is downright frightening, difficult, and essential.

You nailed it, Winston. Well done.
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