photo-3I remember an old boss of mine telling me a story of a company owner whose office was positioned so he could see the office windows of his employees. One particular employee spent time every day with his arms behind his head and his feet up on the desk. This became the employee the owner would seek out on his window watch. While others were working, this employee was goofing off. One day, he called in his assistant and asked, “What does that man think he’s doing? Who is he? Why does he have a job here?”

The assistant answered, “That’s Tom. He takes time right before lunch every day to think.”

“Thinking? Looks like daydreaming to me,” the owner scoffed.

“He might be,” the assistant said. “But it works.”

Then the owner blinked. “Wait, Tom? That can’t be. Tom has the highest productivity every month,” he said, and rifled through is papers.

“Yes, that’s him,” said the assistant. “And he’s been bringing innovative ideas to the meetings. He also comes in earlier and leaves later than everyone else. That’s the guy.”

The owner thought for a moment. And then he asked, “Can we get everybody doing this?”

Hard work isn’t always enough. Sometimes you have to get creative.

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