photo-5I don’t like packing. I like going places, being there; sometimes I even look forward to coming home. But packing? No, thank you. I never know what to take with me. In this case, all of it goes. And that’s not making it easier.

The good news is I’ve collected all sorts of memories to pack into boxes. And the house is a wonderful mess. The bad news is, reminiscing is slowing my packing.

The plan: pack it up, ship it across the country, arrive there myself in about a month, write like crazy, and don’t stop these daily chats with you, dear readers. As far as when I’ll have a place of my own to unpack these treasures, well, there’s no plan on that. I’m crossing my fingers that the writing is going to work, even in modest fashion. I pack, knowing it’s a complete leap of faith that I’ll see any of these things again, that they won’t stay in storage indefinitely or get destroyed there.

I pack anyway. I can’t land if I don’t leap.

My first book, Upside Down Kingdom, is available on Amazon. If I can find a pen, I’ll sign it for you.