My friend Patty makes the most beautiful clothes and handbags. Everything she makes is well thought out and well-crafted. She starts with fine fabrics and antique buttons and designs pieces that she would want for herself, complete with an extra pocket for a cell phone or a clasp to hold the wrist strap on a handbag in place so you don’t spill your goods if you reach for it from the wrong angle. And somehow her clothing makes everyone look tall and thin. I’m not kidding. She even charges less than stores do.

I got a call from her this week that she’d finished the wrap she’d been making for me. She’d had a similar item at the Berge Open House a couple weeks ago and I told myself to let Fate decide if I should buy it: If it were still there at the end of the show, I’d buy it. An hour before the event ended, wouldn’t you know it, the original wrap sold. That’s when I realized how much I truly did like it. I asked Patty about it, and she said she had enough fabric to make another but wasn’t sure about the button.

Now, this isn’t Hollywood. I can absolutely wear a garment that someone else has. One particular friend and I have the same Comic Con T-shirt, bought at the same time, because we both liked it. (So far we coordinate who gets to wear it.)

I picked up the wrap today from Patty, and told her about how I messed with Fate by asking her to make it after the original sold.

button“But look at this,” she said. “I found the blue French button that you liked so much.” Patty has a great appreciation for buttons and tells amazing stories about their origins. I’ll get you the link once she starts her button blog.

“It’s Fate that I found the button,” she said.  “You’re meant to have it.”

Her comment made my day, much like a surprise gift. Of course, we don’t live off gifts. They don’t pay the mortgage or the water bill. But a well-placed gift shows thought and care, and those things go a very long way in this world.

My first book, Upside Down Kingdom, is available on Amazon.I’ll sign it for you.