I knew someone who was deathly allergic to cats as a child who was able to live with a cat in his 20s without incident. As a kid, I remember hating soy sauce, but now I love it.

Over the years, our bodies age, our taste buds change to our differing mineral needs (apparently my body needs more salt and whatever minerals there are in donuts), and I read somewhere that we, as people, change in who we are every 10 years or that thereabouts.

Imagine the changes that occur in 40 years: in taste, in what could kill you, in fashion, in wrinkles, in music, in geography, in career choices, in politics, births and deaths, likes and dislikes, in evolving and trading up, in roads traversed… And to do all that with another person by your side shows astounding dedication.

IMG_0975I say all this because today my parents celebrate their 40th anniversary. Currently, they’re somewhere on I-90, on their way to my door. We’re going out to eat.

Nothing like an 800-mile road trip for dinner.

Happy Anniversary to my favorite couple, the ones who’ve learned that if they can’t always change simultaneously, they’ll still embrace whatever changes come, together.
My first book, Upside Down Kingdom, is available on Amazon. I’ll sign it for you.