DSC00496From a WWII Veteran, whose life story I’m writing. She tells me:

I would say that the things that happen to you in life make you what you are. And make you sometimes different because the more you build inner reserves, the better you’ll be to face life.

When people don’t have too many experiences, or things that they have to wrestle with, in a most uncomfortable manner, they never learn. They never learn, because they don’t know how to learn. Nothing’s happened to them that ever dents that carapace.

There are a few things that I’ve had happen to me in life that I wish hadn’t. And there are many things that I’d like to have done better, who doesn’t? But it’s what you face up to. ~

Today and every day, we appreciate our own struggles for all that they’ve taught us, and we appreciate the struggle done by others on our behalf for all that they have given us.

Have a safe and reflective Memorial Day.