At a meeting yesterday, a committee member discussed his group’s findings. Let me preface by saying this particular committee was formed to discover and explore big ideas. The organization as a whole has made great progress as of late, and had reached a certain status quo. The timing was right for either maintaining this plateau or for brainstorming new ideas. Thus, this committee was quickly assembled, and ideas began to flow.

The preliminary ideas include some new signage, re-opening a theatre, and, “Pie in the sky,” the committee member prefaced, “We’re thinking about opening a school.”

skyHe presented a number of considerations, from long wait lists for the current “good” schools in the area, to partnerships we could form with the other area schools. The sharing of curriculum was mentioned, as well as a short list of local unused buildings that could be converted. One particular building was the “blue sky” pinnacle of dreams, and it was immediately shot down by the others at the table. While empty, the building had been purchased for a few million dollars by the local hospital giant. Some members at the table had been part of that acquisition for the hospital.

Much discussion ensued. Some of it was helpful, some humorous, and some was a bit scathing, which was met with the dual defense of “Blue sky, blue sky,” and a rattling off of facts and figures. Finally, the leader of the whole meeting brought order to us again.

“This is exactly what I wanted,” he said. “Big, crazy ideas. By the end of summer, I hope to have seven more giant ideas.” He looked around the table with a glint in his eye and said, “This is the time for tossing everything up to see what sticks.”

Sometimes progress is made incrementally, but toward a giant horizon. Give yourself “blue sky” days to think really big. Something surprising might stick.

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