Here’s a little poetry for your Wednesday…

Out of Minerals
I floated among the Minerals of the World,
And for a few weeks I ate lunch in the Dinosaur Room
That mastodon and his teeth, I’m a fan
And then I discovered the La Brea Tar Pit exhibit

photo-2As I stared at that fiberglass horse
struggling to escape the black muck
that clung to his lower jaw and even up his cheeks
while the hyenas circled around the pit on the shore,
I’m sure he’s going to make it
I eat my sandwich and will him to make it

One luxury
of a life in fiction
is I have two of every memory
But I’m not in the Minerals of the World anymore
I’m not sitting among the gems
I’m at the tar pit–A different concoction of minerals

I’ve taken my base elements
and made them into something better
bone on bone, layer upon layer
until I can now sit here with my tuna on rye

and wonder who else sat here comparing their lives to the tar pit,
and I wonder what it would take for the horse to just give up
and sink, without resistance, to his end,
And I wonder, which is better: Taking my chances with the hyenas,
or attempting to swim the tar?

And if this is a metaphor, then which one are you?

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